DSL – Weekly email


Just a few things as we head into the week:
1. DSL Tournament Registration.  Friday is the last day to register teams for the Oct. 28 DSL Tournament for grades 1-4 and the girls JV/V games (Co-ed JV/V playoffs will be the following week and participation for the JV/V Co-ed Playoffs is determined by league standings).  As of now it looks like I will have enough teams to make the following brackets work for the tournament, I will let you know if something changes:  1st, 2nd, 1st/2nd, 3rd, 4th, 3rd/4th, JV Girls, Varsity Girls.
Also, note that the 1st and 2nd grade brackets are almost full so if you haven't registered a team there yet but are planning on doing so, I'd recommend reaching out sooner rather than later.
2. Score Control – I was disappointed to see some instances of poor sportsmanship this past weekend, right on the cusp of a reminder email about keeping game scores in check.  In the JV bracket we had one team rack up a goal differential of 13 on another team.  Our rules are very clear that this is not permitted.  We recommend that teams keep game scores within 4 to 5 goals  In JV/V there is no competitive advangtage to scoring more than a plus 4