Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy

Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy’s philosophy of education is built on the conviction that the students of this school are to be educated to attain divine union with their Creator through Jesus Christ, building on the strengths, talents and resources of students, educators and community, as well as to achieve their full potential as responsible Christian members of a democratic society.

Therefore, Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy endeavors to have each pupil recognize, understand, and develop his/her spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical attributes and to respect those of others.

This community believes that the individuality of each child must be recognized and provided for in the classroom. In so doing, it is hoped that the students recognize the need to use their talents and gifts for the benefit and service of the community.

“To teach as Jesus taught,” is the ultimate goal of the Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy’s faculty. To accomplish these goals, students are encouraged to maintain a sense of self-esteem, habits of good living, a respect for others, and an awareness of their religious and cultural heritage. Through integration of Gospel values, these goals, in conjunction with the provision of basic knowledge and skills, will make life meaningful.

Each child is acknowledged and taught as an integrated person, recognized as a child of God and continually being formed in his image and likeness. Every child is encouraged to be a responsible member of family and is empowered to meet the demands of an ever-changing and morally complex world. With this in mind, our Catholic education encourages our students to develop into intellectually mature and morally responsible people of faith, vision, and action.

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JV Bundesliga, Varsity Bundesliga
Spring 2021, Spring 2022, Spring 2023