Author: Bob Mueser

DSL – Week 4 Email

A few things as we head into week 4:

1. Revised contact list.  A further updated coaches contact list is attached reflected updates that I have received.

2. Dev. Tournament.  Registration for the developmental tournament and all girls tournament that will take place at No Offseason in Russellton PA on May 18 is open. Let me know if you have any questions and as always, we can't guarantee space for all teams, but we will do our best and preference is given based on the date when registrations are received.

3. Game Cards.  JV/V teams, please remember to upload your game cards immediately following the game. When doing so make sure that you have the correct teams listed, the correct original home team (if field availability issues cause you to play at the visitors field, the original home team still must be listed in order for the upload to be accepted), and make sure that you have the correct age group (JV or Varsity) and bracket (USL, MLS, Bundesliga, or Premier) listed. Failure to do this correctly will result in the score not being uploaded. Playoff determinations are made based on the game cards that have been correctly uploaded so please take a minute to make sure that the upload is correct and then view the website to make sure that the game is uploaded.

4. JV/Cross over play – As many of you know we started this last season as a way to allow some flexibility. If you have multiple JV/Varsity teams, please make sure that the rules for cross play are followed. For reference I have added the rules below. Failure to follow these rules will result in a game being assessed as a forfeit if ineligible players end up playing in a game.

Cross Play Rules.  We have had an increasing amount of schools whose soccer programs are growing and they have more players than what should be on one team, but when factoring in conflicts, illnesses, and injuries, they are often having difficulty fielding full teams when they divide out into two teams (even when one of them is a 7v7 league). As a league, our goal is to both maximize players playing time by structuring teams with an optimal amount of players and to ensure that as many scheduled games are played as possible in a given season

DSL – Final Schdules and Contact Lists as well as other Week 1 items



A couple of things as we head into week 1:


1. Final Schedules and Contact Lists.  Attached is what I believe to be the final schedule  (in PDF and Excel format) and coach contacts list (in Excel format) which reflects a few more additions and revisions that I received.  Please use these attachments going forward.  Game information contained herein can be shared with your team (and if you did not listen to my earlier advice and uploaded/shared this game info with your team prior to me sending the final form, please double check the attached for any changes in game times, dates, etc. from the draft that was previously sent).  Also note, I understand that some of you are already working to reschedule games due to some since learned conflicts.  The attached doesn't supersede what you are working with respect to reschedules, it just reflects what I know as of now.


2. Player Rosters. They are due next week before your first game.  Here is a format that can be used, let me know if you have any questions.  They need to be signed by the school's principal as well certifying attendance.

3. Game Cards.  For all JV and Varsity Games, each coach needs to fill out two copies of their game cards and give one copy to the referees and the other to the opposing coach.  Immediately following the game you will need to scan the QR code and upload the results (together with a picture of a complete game card).  The winning team has the responsibility to upload (in the event of a tie, the home team does).  If you do not take a picture of both game cards, in their entirety, we will reject the upload (I specifically need to see the game score, the signoff of the ref, and whether or not any cards were issued and to whom).  Failure to upload a complete picture will result in the score not counting.  Failure to upload at all will result in the score not counting.  Please upload immediately after the game so you don't forget, or even worse, misplace the game card.  

4. DSL Spring Tournament – Registration for the Spring 24 Developmental (Grades 1-4) and all Girls (JV/V) Tournament will open Monday, March 18th.  I am asking each soccer coordinator to let me know how many teams and at what bracket that they are registering.   This Spring's Tournament will be Saturday May 18th at No Off Season Sports in Russellton.   Registration will remain open until Tuesday, April 30th and then it will close.  We will take registrations for the following brackets, 5v5 1st grade, 5v5 2nd grade,  5v5 1/2 grade, 7v7 3rd grade, 7v7 4th grade, 7v7 3/4 grade, 5v5 JV All Girls, 5v5 Varsity All girls.  Cost for entry is $125 per team.  As always, if we fill up (and we tend to fill up at the younger age levels), preference is given to those schools that register first.  After April 30th, any registrations are considered late and may not be allowed if scheduling is already complete and/or brackets are filled.  Current rules are attached for your reference, please read and understand these to make your tournament experience the best it can possibly be.


Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.


DSL Spring 24 Soccer Schedules, Coaches’ Contact List and Kickoff Email

DSL – Pre Season Email

All, a few things as we head into March:

1. Registration/Registration Fees. If you have not fully completed and sent them to me already, they are almost a week late.  (fully completed would include all home game days/times and scheduling requests, if any). Please send me both immediately (if you need information as to where to send the registration fees, please let me know that as well).  With respect to the registrations, I cannot complete schedules without them.  The original time frame submitted to the league last November called for registration forms to be delivered no later than February 23 and then schedules were to be distributed the week of March 17.  With registrations still outstanding, we are now looking like schedules won't be able to be distributed until the following week, March 23 which is the first weekend of games.  If I don't get the remaining registration forms immediately, I will be forced to choose between moving on without your teams, or delaying the season by 1 week, which would result in a shortened season for everyone, something that I am not inclined to do.  Please do not make me have to make that decision.  I will create schedules once all information is submitted, but please understand that the process takes time and I will get them to you as soon as we are able.
2. DSG Coupon.  March 8th through the 10th is our Dick's Sporting Goods 20% off sale weekend.  Attached is a link and pdf of the coupon.  Please feel free to use it as needed for almost any items sold at DSG and feel free to share the coupon with your players, your school and anyone else who could use it. 
3. Practices.  Schools are cleared for practice on my end starting as early as March 11th.  That being said,each school determines when they will actually start their practice

DSL Soccer – Registration Reminder

All: a few notices/reminders:

1. As a reminder, this is the last week for spring soccer registration for the DSL is currently open and will close on Friday February 23.  Please send me your team registrations once you have that information available.  Registration fees are also due at the time of registration.  Please let me know if you have any questions on any of that.
2.  If you were interested in the playing on turn option for week 1 please let me know that at the time of registration as well.  You can refer to my earlier email last month for details or reach out with any questions.
3. Summer soccer camps are starting to get put together and from time to time I'll pass along opportunities for your players to get extra touches if you are interested, see the following link for information on some Riverhounds summer camps.

DSL Spring Season Registration and Week 1 Logistics

As a reminder, spring soccer registration for the DSL is currently open and will close, roughly three weeks from now, on Friday February 23.  Please send me your team registrations once you have that information available.  
Also, as many of you have noticed, the Spring Season has some logistical challenges with the placement of Easter, an extended Easter break for many schools, and the Memorial Day holiday.  Couple that with our first week of games being March 23/24, where the weather will be iffy, and we could have a busier than normal couple of months in April and May.  In an effort to alleviate that as much as possible we have a two fold plan

DSL – End of Season email and looking forward to Spring 24′



Thanks to everyone for your efforts in making a great fall season this year.  Looking ahead to next spring, I wanted to include the timeline for next season.  The first dates that you will notice are that registration by the schools with the diocese for the number of teams to be registered starts on January 1 and closes on Friday, February 23.  In order to get schedules and brackets made in a timely manner for the beginning of the spring season we need to adhere to the February 23 deadline. I encourage all athletic directors to match your school's registrations deadlines to that time frame if possible. I will circulate a form of registration closer to the January date.


SPRING 2024- DSL Timeline


January 1st

Registration is open


February 23rd

School Registrations to the DSL are due


February 23rd

DSL fees are due, the check can be made out to the Diocese of Pittsburgh and mailed to me at my home address 116 Wickerham Drive, Mars, PA 16046 (fees are $125 per team, so if you have one JV team and 2 developmental teams, send one check for $375)


March 11th

Practices can start on or after this date


March 17th

Schedules to be distributed


March 22nd

Rosters are due


March 22nd

First weekend of games


March 28th-31st

Easter Holiday – No Games or Practices


April 4th through May 4th

Developmental Tournament & JV/Varsity All Girls Tournament Registration is open


May 19th  

Tentative date for Developmental Tournament


May 26th

Last day to complete JV/Varsity games for playoff determinations (note this is Memorial Day Weekend; if you are unable to play this weekend, clearly indicate that conflict in your registration)


May 27th – June 2nd

Tentative date for JV/Varsity Championship Series



Finally, before signing off I wanted to recognize all of the teams that participated this Fall– we had a great turnout and I hope you all had a great season and that your players had fun and learned a bit of soccer along the way.  We capped off our seasons with a couple of tournaments and below is a list of teams that made it to the championship games of their respective brackets:

·       Varsity Premier League Guardian Angel played Sacred Heart in the Championship Game and won

·       Varsity MLS League – Archangel Gabriel played Blessed Seelos in the Championship Game and won

·       JV Premier League – St. Kilian Green played St. Kilian White in the Championship Game and won

·       JV MLS League – St. James played Holy Sepulcher in the Championship Game and won

·       All Girls Varsity – Guardian Angel played St. Kilian in the Championship Game and won

·       All Girls JV –  Aquinas played St. Bede in the Championship Game and won 

·       4th Grade – Sacred Heart Black played Ave Maria in the Championship Game and won

·       3/4 Grade – Blessed Seelos White played Butler Catholic in the Championship Game and won

·       3rd Grade – St. Kilian Green played St. Kilian White in the Championship Game and won

·       2nd Grade – Aquinas Gray played Ave Maria in the Championship Game and won

·       1/2nd Grade – South Hills Catholic played St. James in the Championship Game and won

·       1st Grade – St. Bede played St. Kilian Black in the Championship Game and won




DSL Tournament – current webpage issue


It has come to our attention that the Tournament webpage had a data import error and some of your games are showing the wrong time/field for tomorrow.  We are correcting this error now and hope to have it up again this evening, but please, always rely on the information that was circulated in the email pdf for game times as the most accurate source.