DSL Weekly email


Looking ahead just a few things to discuss:
  • 1. Regular Season Game Performance – Coaches – please remember to exercise good sportsmanship.  This consists of things like:
    • Communicating in advance of game day with the opposing team
    • Not running up the score.  Sometimes, especially at the younger ages, this can be a challenge if you have a talented team and you are playing a team without substantially less skill.  Let me know if you need any tips on game control.  At a minimum have a discussion with the opposing coach when a mismatch is in the making.  They will appreciate the effort.
    • Remind fans to be only positively cheering.  They should not be making disparaging remarks to the other team or referee, about the other team or referee.  Also, parents need to stay away from the coach/player side of the field at all times
    • Coaches, same thing