Holy Cross Academy

Holy Cross Academy was formed in 2017 by the combination of Saint Sebastian Elementary School and Saint Teresa of Avila Elementary School, both in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, as part of the North Hills Catholic Elementary Schools Regionalization. Together, the two elementary schools have been educating young minds and souls for more than 160 years. While the names of the two schools have changed, what hasn’t changed is the spiritual and academic foundation that has been the hallmark of both for generations.

We are proud of its faith development and academic achievements. We believe that teaching a child is only one part of educating a child and education goes beyond teaching facts from textbooks and beyond the classroom. We believe that a Catholic education should nourish a child’s spirit, develop a child’s conscience, while forming a child’s morality and challenging a child’s intellect. We are a community of learning and a family of faith. These beliefs are supported by the quality of our graduates who distinguish themselves as they continue their formal education and into their future professional careers and personal lives.

Home Field: Ross Elementary School

JV Bundesliga, Varsity Bundesliga
Spring 2021, Spring 2022, Spring 2023