DSL Developmental and All Girls Tournament Email


Next Saturday, October 29, will be the day of the Developmental and All Girls JV/V Soccer Tournament.  The Tournament location is at the No Offseason 904 Little Deer Creek Valley Rd, Russellton, PA 15076.  I have attached a few things that should make your day go more smoothly if you are participating in this year's tournament.  They are as follows:


1. Tournament Spreadsheet.  The Games, Bracket and Points, Game Times Sorted by School, and Field Layout Tabs will be most helpful to you.  Note that in the Layout tab this spreadsheet is not to scale for any of the fields, but the general location will be accurate.  With respect to coaches names, absent anything sent to me to the contrary, I went with coaches from the regular season.  If there needs to be any corrections there, let me know by end of day Sunday as I will be going to the printer on Monday morning and then things are set in stone.  

Also, with respect to the schedule please note that while we generally have each developmental team play three play-in games and then determine playoffs from there, whenever a grade level has an odd amount of teams in it I randomly select one team to play a fourth game.  This fourth game does not count for standings for the team that already has played three games, but it does count for standings for the team that needs to get their third game in.  This year the following teams were selected to play a fourth game: First Grade – Sacred Heart Black, First/Second Grade – BC Saints Black, Third Grade – St. Kilian Green, Fourth Grade – Blessed Seelos.  Give me a call with any questions.  

And be sure to familiarize yourself with the Field Layout tab, things will move very, very quickly on Saturday.  You won't have time to wander, so make sure you know where you should be and be there early.

Finally I'd ask each team to email me back your game times and field locations.  I know it seems like a simple thing, but it goes a long way to making sure that I know that you've read the schedule right and where you need to be and it will help stave off any issues the day of the games.  A quick email has the potential to save you a lot of confusions the day of.


2. Tournament Rules – A lot of time has gone into the preparation of this tournament.  We do insist on having each coach read these rules and we ask that you share them with your families as well.  Most of all issues that arise during the tournament can usually be attributable to someone not knowing the rules.  Take a couple of minutes to familiarize yourselves with them, it will make Saturday go much more smoothly for all of us.  Some of the common ones that have caused confusion in the past are:  (i) Offside – remember is that offside calls will be made at all age groups (though at the first and second grade levels the referees have the discretion to only call major violations (i.e., cherry picking), (ii) Punts – No punts from the keeper at all levels, and (iii) Indirect Kicks – at the developmental level  no direct or penalty kicks are awarded, all infractions that normally would result in direct or penalty kicks are instead indirect kicks. 


3. Form of Team Roster – Please bring this and the registration fee to the DSL Tent for each team prior to the start of your first game.  Schools can have one person drop off all fees and registrations, but each team should still check in with the tent so that we know you are here.  


Also, please note the following:


 Registration Fee. Tournament Registration fees are $100.  Unless alternative arrangements have been made with me prior to the event, payments should be made in cash prior to the start of your fist game so we can use those funds to offset game day expenses (I won’t have time to go and cash checks during the tournament).  I can provide receipts upon request.


 Arrival.  Remember to arrive at the fields at least 30 minutes prior to your first game to allow adequate time for parking, registration, and organizing your team.  If you are late to the field for your pending game time you will most likely forfeit that much.  We are organizing and coordinating around 116 games throughout the day.  Our schedule won’t allow for reschedules so if you are not there on time, we won’t be able to wait. 


 Parking.  We have rearranged the tournament flow and fields a bit to try to eliminate the parking issues we had last fall.  When parking in no event should you block someone in, you may find your vehicle towed if you do.  If by chance there isn't a parking space readily available, drop off your player and wait for a spot to open before parking, we have teams rolling in and out all day.  I know it can be frustrating, but not nearly as frustrating for the other person who is now boxed in.


 Tents and Food.  The venue will permit schools to set up team tents in the orange shaded area that surrounds the fields (but that is not adjacent to the main walkway).  Tent space is limited, is on a first come basis, and they should not be set up on the turf.  All tents must be anchored down with weights – stakes won't work in stone areas around the fields.  The venue is not allowing outside food or beverage and is asking attendees to use the concessions that are on site.  Personal items such as water bottles and snacks that can fit in a six pack cooler is permitted, but they are no longer permitting tailgating in the tents so items such as pizzas and other food spreads are not allowed.  If we do not adhere to this rule we will no longer be allowed to have schools bring tents to the event and we could lose the field as a tournament option.


 Other Venue Rules are as follows:

    No coolers larger than a 6-pack cooler are permitted

    No grills or propane heaters are permitted

    No pets are permitted

    No sunflower seeds or peanuts are permitted

    No alcohol or tobacco are permitted

    No outside food is permitted at the venue

    Loudspeakers and radios are prohibited

    No double parking vehicles in the parking lot


One final note —  A lot of time has been put into this day, and while we keep score and hand out trophies, the real purpose of the day is to get the kids together and end their season in a fun tournament atmosphere.  Keep it fun and light with the kids, if they lose a game, shake it off and focus on the next one, or even better yet, instead of focusing on winning and losing, focus on player development.  Set goals for your players and have fun watching them get there.  If they want to color their hair or paint their faces the team colors have fun with it.  That's it, let me know if you have any questions and I'm looking forward to a great event.  And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.



Rob Glentzer