Final Reminder

Final reminder, tomorrow (Saturday 10/15) is the last day to register teams for the developmental tournament.  As of today, all brackets are viable.  For the Girls JV/Varsity matches we currently have enough teams for a shortened bracket, with 3 teams in each bracket, each team playing each other twice and the top two going to the finals.  I’d prefer to get at least one more team in each bracket so we could go with a regular tournament format though if possible.  If you are on the bubble of registering and just need a few more players, let me know and I’ll try to pair you with another school. As of now I have Aquinas, Kilian, and Sacred Heart registered at the Girls JV level and Aquinas, Fatima, and Peter and Paul registered at the Girls Varsity level.
That’s all, have a great weekend and I’ll be in the next week or so with tournament schedules.