Week 5 – DSL Email

Evening Everyone:

Apologies on the delay for this week's email, the week has been hectic.  Just a quick note on cancellations as we prepare for what appears to be a wet weekend.
Prior to the game if weather related cancellations are needed the home team is responsible for making the call.  This call should be made with as much notice as possible and in no event less than 2 hours notice (but the more you can provide the better).   Notices of cancellations should be sent to the opposing coach, the opposing school's soccer coordinator and your referees (of if its a JV/Varsity match or you use the PIAA refs to Chuck Pruss at 412-443-5630– use this phone number, not his email, for cancellations within 48 hours of game time).  Failure to notify the referees with adequate time will result in the home field still having to pay the referee fees despite the fact that the game wasn't played.
Once a game starts, only the referee can delay/cancel the game.  Valid reasons for cancellation are that the field conditions are too dangerous (generally standing water of a few inches deep and thick mud) and thunder or lightning.  If thunder is heard or lightning is observed, play should be suspended until 30 minutes after the last observance thereof.  Rain in and by itself is not a reason to cancel.  Games can be played in the rain on turf and grass fields if the fields are still adequately draining.
Finally, there are about a half dozen games at the JV/V level that were previously cancelled and have not yet been made up and I'm sure that there are numerous ones at the developmental level.  And that is the tally before this weekend's weather.  Now is the time to schedule the make ups.  Games not played by October 30 will not count for standings for the playoffs and could result in negative forfeiture points if one team is not willing to make it up and the other is trying to do so.  
Good luck this weekend, play hard but be safe.