Registration for Spring 2023 DSL Soccer is open.


Registration is open for the Spring 2023 DSL Soccer Season for teams.   If your school has not opened up players registration for spring soccer yet, please encourage them to do so.  I have attached the Spring timeline and registration to this email.  Key dates are summarized below.  Additionally, we will again try to make the regular 11v11 and the 7v7 formats work for the JV/Varsity squads, subject to the same limitations that we had in place last season.  If your team is considering doing 7v7 due to registration numbers at the JV and Varsity, please reach out to me to discuss what that format entails. 
February 24th – Registration Deadline
March 3rd – Registration Payment Deadline ($125 per team)
March 6th – Practices can start on or after this date (each school determines there own “beginning” of season so to speak, usually it is after March 6, but from a Diocese perspective schools are cleared to practice from March 6th and on)
March 20th – Target date for schedule distribution
March 23rd – Rosters are due
March 23rd – First weekend of games
April 6th – 9th – No games or practices due to Easter holiday\
April 15th – Registration for Developmental/All Girl tournament opens
May 5th – Registration for Developmental/All Girl Tournament Closes
May 20th – Developmental/All Girl Tournament
May 28th – Last day to get JV/Varsity Games in
May 29th – June 4th – Tentative dates for JV/Varsity Playoffs
Feel free to reach out with any questions.
Rob Glentzer
DSL Commissioner