DSL – Pre Season Email

All, a few things as we head into March:

1. Registration/Registration Fees. If you have not fully completed and sent them to me already, they are almost a week late.  (fully completed would include all home game days/times and scheduling requests, if any). Please send me both immediately (if you need information as to where to send the registration fees, please let me know that as well).  With respect to the registrations, I cannot complete schedules without them.  The original time frame submitted to the league last November called for registration forms to be delivered no later than February 23 and then schedules were to be distributed the week of March 17.  With registrations still outstanding, we are now looking like schedules won't be able to be distributed until the following week, March 23 which is the first weekend of games.  If I don't get the remaining registration forms immediately, I will be forced to choose between moving on without your teams, or delaying the season by 1 week, which would result in a shortened season for everyone, something that I am not inclined to do.  Please do not make me have to make that decision.  I will create schedules once all information is submitted, but please understand that the process takes time and I will get them to you as soon as we are able.
2. DSG Coupon.  March 8th through the 10th is our Dick's Sporting Goods 20% off sale weekend.  Attached is a link and pdf of the coupon.  Please feel free to use it as needed for almost any items sold at DSG and feel free to share the coupon with your players, your school and anyone else who could use it.  https://cmm.dickssportinggoods.com/crmcdn/getoffer.aspx?offer_entity_code=O241CZ14&token=x-vqa0QuznujnYxcp8mn4DpfoHtofi3j87edttRmqR2mnp1hFEC9GiKHBhi5HaJM1iNWhIlBTJ8dJD-uAKmtZA2 
3. Practices.  Schools are cleared for practice on my end starting as early as March 11th.  That being said,each school determines when they will actually start their practice