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Just a few things as we head into this weeks for soccer:
1. Developmental level notes- this is the last week of the regular season and our tournament will take place the following Saturday.  Offsides will be called at the tournament for all levels, including 1/2 grade.  Offside calls at the 1/2 level will generally be limited to obvious examples/cherry picking.  I know that many of those young players won't have much exposure to the rule, do your best to introduce them to the concept and consider playing this weekend's matches with that in effect at those younger levels.  For those that are interested, here is a short video that might help the players understand it a bit better.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjnrfRJ6yv0
2. Varsity/JV level notes – we have two weeks left in the regular season so please make sure that you are (1) actively working to get your reschedules made and (2) directly after your match make sure that the winner is uploading your game card/results so that they can count for standings.  When the regular season closes we have to make playoff determinations quickly so unloaded results wont' count.  I am currently missing the following game card results from this past weekend that should be uploaded ASAP:

  • JV MLS 
    • SPP v SJ
  • JV Premier
    • ECA v SHC

Also, it may make sense to double check your team's standings to make sure that everything has been recorded properly.  After playoff determinations have been made it will be too late to correct any errors.