DSL Spring 2022 Wrap up and looking ahead to Fall 2022

Good evening everyone, 

Yesterday we just capped off our last Spring Soccer event of the year, the Spring 2022 JV/Varsity Championship Series.  Over the weekend we had 27 different teams play 19 different games to get down to 8 Champions (2 age groups, and 4 skill brackets).  It was some of the more competitive soccer I witnessed in my two years running the league.  Those 19 games had an average goal differential of 1.8 games per game and we had 4 matches decided in overtime.  The 8 championship matches were even more competitive than that, with an average goal differential of 1.4 and no match having a goal differential over 2.  Congrats to all the teams that participated and I do want to recognize our champions and runners ups:
MLS JV – Holy Cross over Sacred Heart 1-0
La Liga JV – St. Kilian over Sacred Heart 2-1 in overtime
Bundesliga JV – Guardian Angel over St. Monica 2-0
Premier JV – St. Kilian over Aquinas 2-1
MLS Varsity – Holy Cross over Holy Sepulcher 2-0 
La Liga Varsity – Sacred Heart over Mary of Nazareth 2-1
Bundesliga Varsity – Guardian Angel over Sts. Peter & Paul 1-0
Premier Varsity – Archangel Gabriel over Providence Heights Alpha 2-0
In addition to the above teams and the others that qualified for the playoffs, I wanted to thank everyone else for all of their efforts this season at the Developmental, JV and Varsity levels.  Those that know me know that I am not one for participation trophies, but if there ever was a season that warranted them, this was it.  Despite rain outs and snow storms consistently causing havoc throughout March and April, you all found a way to get just about all of these games in, even if you had to do it almost entirely in the month of May.  I know for a few of you that meant playing one half of your season's games in a span of a week, never an ideal situation, but thank you all for your efforts to somehow pull it all together.
I am going to take a week or two to focus on things not related to soccer (my car still has its ski racks on and I'm way past due to get the kayak racks up there), but you will be hearing from me soon on the details for the fall season and some of the potential improvements that we are considering for the league (for those that have suggestions don't hesitate to share them with me as well– I can't promise anything more than I'll listen to whatever you throw my way and give it consideration, but if there is a problem with some aspect of the league and you have a solution, I'd love to hear it— just not this week, give me until at least next monday).
In the meantime, and because time doesn't stop for any of us, I did want to share that our fall registration opens July 1 and closes August 1 (same time frames as the last couple fall seasons). To the extent that your fall sports registration for your school isn't open yet, consider opening that up sooner rather than later as I can't extend our registration deadline out and still meet the target we have for getting out schedules in advance of week 1.
Thanks again for everything and best wishes to you all for an enjoyable and exciting summer.
Rob Glentzer
DSL Commissioner