DSL – Final Schdules and Contact Lists as well as other Week 1 items



A couple of things as we head into week 1:


1. Final Schedules and Contact Lists.  Attached is what I believe to be the final schedule  (in PDF and Excel format) and coach contacts list (in Excel format) which reflects a few more additions and revisions that I received.  Please use these attachments going forward.  Game information contained herein can be shared with your team (and if you did not listen to my earlier advice and uploaded/shared this game info with your team prior to me sending the final form, please double check the attached for any changes in game times, dates, etc. from the draft that was previously sent).  Also note, I understand that some of you are already working to reschedule games due to some since learned conflicts.  The attached doesn't supersede what you are working with respect to reschedules, it just reflects what I know as of now.


2. Player Rosters. They are due next week before your first game.  Here is a format that can be used, let me know if you have any questions.  They need to be signed by the school's principal as well certifying attendance.

3. Game Cards.  For all JV and Varsity Games, each coach needs to fill out two copies of their game cards and give one copy to the referees and the other to the opposing coach.  Immediately following the game you will need to scan the QR code and upload the results (together with a picture of a complete game card).  The winning team has the responsibility to upload (in the event of a tie, the home team does).  If you do not take a picture of both game cards, in their entirety, we will reject the upload (I specifically need to see the game score, the signoff of the ref, and whether or not any cards were issued and to whom).  Failure to upload a complete picture will result in the score not counting.  Failure to upload at all will result in the score not counting.  Please upload immediately after the game so you don't forget, or even worse, misplace the game card.  

4. DSL Spring Tournament – Registration for the Spring 24 Developmental (Grades 1-4) and all Girls (JV/V) Tournament will open Monday, March 18th.  I am asking each soccer coordinator to let me know how many teams and at what bracket that they are registering.   This Spring's Tournament will be Saturday May 18th at No Off Season Sports in Russellton.   Registration will remain open until Tuesday, April 30th and then it will close.  We will take registrations for the following brackets, 5v5 1st grade, 5v5 2nd grade,  5v5 1/2 grade, 7v7 3rd grade, 7v7 4th grade, 7v7 3/4 grade, 5v5 JV All Girls, 5v5 Varsity All girls.  Cost for entry is $125 per team.  As always, if we fill up (and we tend to fill up at the younger age levels), preference is given to those schools that register first.  After April 30th, any registrations are considered late and may not be allowed if scheduling is already complete and/or brackets are filled.  Current rules are attached for your reference, please read and understand these to make your tournament experience the best it can possibly be.


Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.