Dev/All Girls Tournament and JV/V Playoff Remindres

All, a few quick reminders:

JV/V Play
Upload your game results this week as soon as your game is finished so we can keep track of standings in real time.  There are several competitive brackets and in many instances we will need to use tie breakers to determine who qualifies and what seed they secured in the DSL Championship Series.  The sooner I have that information the sooner I can get schedules for next week to you all.  If I have to chase that information down, the schedules will lag.  Also, please note, our webpage is awesome for keeping track of the standings, but it is not gospel.  We need to double check entries for accuracy and in some instances make sure that it is computing tie breakers correctly (for example, the website often uses goal differential as the first tie breaker when displaying standings and our league rules look at head to head play first, so in the past (and possibly in this season), we need to make corrections prior to finalizing the standings).
The All Girls and Developmental Tournament (“DSL Tournament”) 
  • The Tournament location is at the No Offseason 904 Little Deer Creek Valley Rd, Russellton, PA 15076.  Please check into the registration tent at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your first game.  
  • In advance of the DSLTournament on Saturday here is a link to a tournament website where you can follow the standings as they are updated.  Here is a link to the tournament site.    We will also utilize tournament boards at the tent (weather permitting) to keep track of things in real time as well.

  • Remember to bring a completed tournament roster and turn it into the tent prior to your first game.  Failure to do so can result in forfeits being assessed.  For those that need it, here is a link to the forms, including the one you need, the “Current DSL Tournament Roster”  Each coach needs to turn one in for each team. Registration fees for each school should be dropped off at the tent as well prior to your first game unless the school is sending the fees for all teams with one coach.  If that is your preferred drop off method, let us know.

  • Get to the venue early!  Parking will be a challenge at times– there is a very large lot, but we have approximately 3000 people for our event alone and there will be a baseball tournament going on simultaneously.  If parking is not readily available, consider dropping off your player with another adult so they can get to the fields while you continue searching for a spot— we have the tournament teams coming and going all day so spots will open up
  • Get to your fields early!  Your play in games go fast and if you are late you will miss the next game.  There is no time for warm ups on the field once the previous game is over as we need to keep the schedule running on time since we are on the fields all day.  Coaches should be organized and have a plan for the day and execute on it.
  • Bring both dark and light jerseys and/or a set of pinnies for your team in case they are needed.  
  • Hopefully the rain misses us, but be prepared for it in case it hits–  the fields are turf so we won't get rained out, but an extra set of dry socks is never a bad idea. 
  • Please be respectful of the other coaches, players, referees and tournament volunteers.  If there are any issues come see me at the tournament tent and we will do our best to resolve them.
  • If your team has a chance of advancing out of the play-in rounds, keep a parent or coach near the tent after your last play-in game .  We will announce who advances at the tent and if someone is nearby that makes it easier for you and us.

That's it for me, if you have any questions reach out to me today or tomorrow or Saturday at the Event Tent.  Note that I will not be in a position to respond to emails/texts/phone calls on Friday as that day is generally consumed with tournament set up, so ask me any questions prior to then or on Saturday.